Gas Light Mantles

Indoor and Outdoor Gas Light Mantles
A key component of any gas light is having the proper mantle to sufficiently burn the gas. We carry the proper gas light mantles for use with your existing gas lighting products. We hope that our store will provide you with the best selection of mantles for your needed light at your cabin or your home.

Do not be as concerned with matching an old product number with our newer product number for your mantles. Every manufacturer uses a different product number representing the same mantles. We hope that you will be able to match your gas light's mantle to one of ours based on the picture and description.

Make sure you are aware of the difference between indoor and outdoor mantles.

MTL-2 Soft Outdoor Mantles

Dual Inverted Mantles

MTL-1 Preformed Outdoor Mantles

Preformed Inverted Mantles

MTL-3 Upright Outdoor Mantle

Upright Gas Light Mantles

All Makes and models of indoor/outdoor gas light mantles. We carry Paulin, Humphrey, Falk and Mr. Heater preformed mantles, tie on mantles, and clip on mantles.

For your outdoor gas light we have hard dual inverted burner mantles, upright mantles, and twin packs of soft inverted mantles. We strongly recommend that you buy more than one mantle at a time due to shipping costs.

We also have Coleman mantles at prices lower than major chain stores!

Indoor Gas Lights

Humphrey and Falk Indoor Gas Lights

Outdoor Gas Light

Dual Inverted Gas Light Mantles